3 NEW CDs!!!

Mind boggling as it may seem, Sue, Christina and Jennie all have brand new CDs just about to be RELEASED. We all took 2009 (and more) to venture forth into independent recording projects that grabbed us - like the dish that ran away with the spoon!

Christina dreamed up a collaboration involving her talented Mama, Ann Mayo Muir, and her Grammy Nominated pals, Ensemble Galilei www.EGMusic.com - to create a gorgeous instrumental CD, "Notes From Across The Sea." Celtic harp, fiddle, recorder, whistle, oboe, guitar, percussion and viola da gamba (a cello-like instrument) weave together to render Ann's original, instrumental music. Gordon Bok describes it as, "...a feast for the musical gourmet!"

You can follow these links to hear full cuts from the CD.
Just click on "hifi" beside Ann's photo ~

We had a fabulous CD Release Celebration
                    on Monday, January 11, 2010 
It was a special presentation by the 333 Coffeehouse at
the Annapolis Unitarian Church

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Jennie Avila's new CD was inspired by true Civil War
stories from the Antietam Battlefield region, and is
sponsored by The Hagerstown-Washington County
Convention and Visitors Bureau...

The Songs:
1. Breakfast at The Heck’s (Two brothers fight on opposite sides
    and go AWOL to have breakfast at home)
2. The Carpenter (The Boonsborough Museum of History houses
    a desk made from the scaffold that hung John Brown)
3. A Bullet Lives On (Soldiers carved bullets into necessities and
4. To Clara Barton (Inspired by letters that list the humble donations
    Clara Barton used to help the thousands of wounded on the
5. Warrior Spirit and The Keeper of The Bones (A ghost story)
6. Bonus Track: Hey Little Heiskell (Jennie's whimsical
    hypothesis that links the shooting of a weathervane and the
    ransoming of Hagerstown)

All songs © Jennie Avila
CDs are available online at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/javila4
You can also send a check for $11.50 per CD
($10 CD and $1.50 shipping) to:
Jennie Avila, 15 Sycamore St, Hagerstown, MD 21740
The Cd will also be available at: Live Performances,
The Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and
                            Visitors Bureau, Hagerstown, MD
The Gifts Inn in Boonsborough, MD

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Sue Trainor's New CD "IN OUR OWN WORDS"is available 
at CDBaby.com

Also check out Sue's new website at www.SueTrainor.com


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